About me 👩🏻‍💻

👋 Hey! Welcome to my page I am Irena Popova. A web developer and ambassador at Digital Career Institute. I have managed to build some projects and while learning I was having fun as well. I went through a successful career change in 2016.

Due to my strong desire to learn to code I used all the opportunities that I met down the road. Apart my daily coding classes I was attending twice a week JavaScript evening classes at ReDi school for Digital Integration and Open Tech School Berlin. It was intensive but I was super excited to learn and to boost further my knowledge. A really good feature of my personality is that I don’t give up easily, and once I start a task I will find a solution regardless the difficulties I may face and the time it takes.

What keeps me motivated? 🤔

There are a few reasons that keep me driven to code and does not allow me to give up.

On the first place is creating something, constructing new things every day. Each line of code is a different building block. Watching the product evolve with each feature is exciting. In a way I feel like a builder not engineer. Learning new stuff and evolving, in a team learning from each other is inspiring. Coding actually involves endless learning. The process of self-improvement is very gratifying. Every day I feel a bit smarter than the day before. In comparison with a video game, I am gaining experience points every day, and levels with each new thing I learn. Making a work of Art also motivates me.

Challenges I face also boost my motivation and I feel inspired from exploring a new territory. I feel like constantly thrown into the water, having to learn how to swim all over again. It can be difficult to face challenges so often, but it is also interesting. The bigger the challenge, the more interesting it is. And it is also very rewarding when I get over it. The continuous process of getting things done is also very motivating because as a developer I constantly build or fix stuff and make daily progress.

As I learn more on the company s domain and my specific tasks and technology, I am gradually improving my value. Belief in the Product also motivates me. I do not learn to code, I code to learn.
  • The idea to improve and further develop this blog came while organizing workshops as an Ambassador for the new students at Digital Career Institute - Berlin, Germany.
  • If there is anything you want to talk about with me feel free to drop me a line at irenejpopova6@gmail.com. ( For educational purpose.)

    Aside from coding, I enjoy biking, hiking, camping, dancing and listening to music, beer and coffee of course are in the list. I also like strategy games and chess.


    My coding philosophy & teaching.

    I have been fortunate to have been taught by many great teachers as a student, and to have co-taught with several outstanding teachers which helped me to further develop my skills in both fields - Applied Linguistics & Computer Science. Based on those experiences, there are certain characteristics I feel are essential of being successful and these include - Respectful, Empathetic, Knowledgeable, Humorous, Passionate, Motivational, Organized, Creative, Challenging, Curious. Since I believe strongly in the notion of pursuing your passion, I feel that one of my roles as a coach is to help students discover and pursue their passions.

    Coding is the key to social mobility. There is no skill more important in the 21st century than coding. It’s the way the world operates, and those who know how to do it, will have the competitive edge.

    Real coding education is a marathon, not a sprint. I have developed a curriculum to ensure students aren’t just introduced to the world of computer science but that they have the support and guidance to develop their coding skills with mentorship and personalized lessons.

    Education and Work

    • 1992 – 1993 I get my first PC running on DOS & Windows. The first computer language was Pascal.
    • 1993 – 1998 Applied Linguistics - Master Degree.
    • 2017 – 2019 Software Engineering Soft-Uni Distance Learning
    • 2019 -2020 ReDi Shool fo Digital Integration, Berlin, Germany - Evening Classes: Advanced React & Javascript Courses
    • 2019 -2021 Web Development at Digital Career Institute, Berlin, Germany
    • Recent Work

    • September 2019 – May 2021: Web Development Student & Ambassador at DCI
    • May 2021 – Present: Majorel - Google AdWords, Berlin, Germany

    Workshops & Presentations

    A list of some of the articles I have written outside of this website.

    Learning Lab

    Those who are curious and want to explore more check the Learning Lab Tutorials and Exercises, more coming soon.